I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with my older sister, mom, dad, several dogs, insects, frogs and all manner of other creatures.

I currently live in the Milwaukee area with my husband and three children. We've had several pets including dogs and fish but I'm still mourning the passing of my two beloved black lab rescues - Madison and Jackson.

One funny story from veterinary school I like to share is from my year as an intern at NC State's veterinary school. I was the intern on duty one fateful evening that a hurricane was brewing on the coast. Raleigh is inland enough that we didn't take a direct hit but we still had high winds and rain. Upon waking the morning after the storm in my less-than-comfortable on-call intern's cot, I heard a commotion in the hall. I soon discovered the school's teaching cows had gotten out of their pasture and were roaming the nearby city streets. Since random acts such as wrangling cattle fell to the interns, all eyes were on me to go round 'em up. Luckily for me, my intern mate - who is much more physically matched to the strength of a cow than I am - came on duty and graciously offered to chase down the cows.